Something Wicked: A Short Story Collection

The six selected stories and the bonus novel excerpt cover the spectrum of what is or is not wicked. Having Boston and Massachusetts as the setting just adds to its wickedness.

Follow a recently released murderer who struggles with his life-altering project (The Project). Gain access into the mind of a notorious stick-up kid, who enhances his reputation by taking credit for a murder he did not commit (Only Time Can tell). A sightseeing trip reminds someone to keep the hero inside alive (The Top of the Hub). A bike ride to the park is not as innocent as it seems (Off to the Park). Imagine if regaining your memory after brain surgery had dire consequences (Surgery). Relationship problems in college are normal for students unless a key bit of information is left out of the story until the end (Standard Deviation). In the novel excerpt, Da Brickz, a twelve-year-old boy’s dream of becoming a drug lord, leads to murder, betrayal, love, and unintended consequences.

Six wicked tales that will keep you reading

Da Brickz: Life in the Game

Da Brickz 2019 Big Text

When the Streets call, twelve-year-old Damien answers with an aspiration to be rich and infamous. Unlike most kids, he does not want to be a doctor, lawyer, actor, or tech mogul. He set his goal with a little more infamy in mind—a drug lord.

After his mother kicks him out, he is sent to live with his father in a small seaside town, where he discovers Da Brickz are everywhere.

Where you find Da Brickz, you find hustlers, and where there are hustlers—there are drug dealers. And where there are drug dealers, a drug lord is not too far behind.

Kain found out about Damien’s goal and decided that he should at least teach the kid while hoping and encouraging a different path. However, Kain knew that nobody could change the kid’s mind, so he just hoped the Game didn’t claim another one.

Under Kain’s tutelage, Damien becomes the leader of a crew called Da W8 Movaz, and the team is well respected and feared throughout the region.

As the death toll rises and internal conflict distracts the team, Damien is sent on a challenging route through deception, chaos, and introspection.

Will Damien get out like Kain wishes, or will the Game crown a new Lord?

Redemption Road





After being released from a Massachusetts prison, Mark Toren is on a commuter rail train to Boston, as twelve-year-old Brian Phillips sits across from him at the table seat and does schoolwork.

The train explodes.

They escape the wreckage–Mark saving the boy. Despite the heroic deed, he irrationally believes the blame will fall on him.

Felons make great suspects.

Mark needs to get out of there, but the kid won’t leave his side. With his reality distorted by the situation, the boy only trusts Mark.

The felon. The beast. The outcast.

Mark agrees to take the boy to his father’s office across Boston proper. On the way, they must avoid the mayhem the bomber inflicts on the city as bombs explode around them.

There is no escape.

Mark starts to suspect he is an intended target and must decide to take Brian to his father or separate–and take a stand.

Will Mark and Brian prevail, or will the bomber?